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Our firm provieds construction administration for projects of varying sizes and complexity.  Our Project Managers and Designers provide on-site inspections and field observations to ensure that each project is being constructed based on the contract documents and according the North Carolina State Building Code. 


Design, Bid and Construction Administration services include:

Design Phase

  • Opinion of Probable Cost Estimates

  • Project Schedules

  • State and Local Permitting

  • Submittal to State Construction Office and responding to review comments


Bid Phase

  • Project Advertising

  • Bid Document Preparation/Distribution

  • Addenda Preparation

  • Bidder Pre-Qualification

  • Conducting Pre-Bid Meetings

  • Conducting Bid Openings

  • Bidder Request for Information

  • Bid Tabulation/Negotiation


Construction Phase

  • Recommendation of Award

  • Notice of Award/Proceed

  • Contract Preparation

  • Construction Document Distribution

  • Conducting Pre-Construction Meetings

  • Responding to Request for Information

  • Submittal Data Review

  • Review/Approval of Payment Applications

  • Change Orders

  • Field Inspections/Observations

  • Substantial Completion Punchlist

  • Final Inspection

  • Project Closeout Documentation

  • 11-Month Warranty Walk-Thru

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